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Sound, Breath and DNA


Fari Yeshe & Lamiaa Mahmoud

A theoretical and practical Sound Healing Training for anyone from seasoned practitioners, musicians and facilitators to transformational enthusiasts. Empower yourself with techniques you can easily integrate into your sharings, including the most powerful and accessible instrument, the human voice.

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Lamiaa Mahmoud


Tereza Dos Santos

Sabrine El Hossamy

Tamer El Sharaky

Lamiaa is a bodyworker. Since 2013, she embarked on a self healing journey which led her to study and learn many modalities like Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, EFT, Inner Dance, Sound Healing and Kundalini Body Works. This never ending search and harnessing of education and experience lead her to a creative sharing mission, where she combines different techniques to hold group space or one on one sessions with her community, in El Gouna and in Switzerland.
These holistic techniques assist the body in its self-healing process, by reducing stress, and anxiety, and improving overall health, immunity and mindset. The main ideology behind this modality is that movement, breath and sound currents are used together to allow you to connect with yourself, release the body and mind from old traumas and replace them with pleasure and joy.
Lamiaa insists on teaching you to be responsible for your improvement, by exposing you to tools that allow you to take control of your own health.

Fari is a professional sound healer, Sacred Geometry artist, retreat facilitator, and plant medicine space holder. In his sessions, he uses an array of methods, ranging from a self-developed oracle (of numerology, colour psychology, and geometry), voice toning, Tibetan, crystal and cosmic singing bowls, as well as native flutes to create a coherent space of harmonious resonance. In his loving creative space the participants can relax, release emotional and physical trauma to expedite the healing process.
After traveling the world studying, meditating and healing, he developed his abilities as a space holder and healer of sound and light. With professional training in Dharamsala (Buddhist Initiations), Hong Kong (Reiki attunement), Goa (active meditation + sound healing training) and Egypt (Temple mysteries and priest initiations), he concluded his Hero’s Journey by returning to the Andes mountains.
Currently rooted in the flow, he continues doing his practice, holding space, learning and healing in an ongoing process of self and community development.

Tereza is a contemporary omnivalent aural artist and Sound Alchemist. She practices the science of Sacred Music and delivers psychoacoustic alchemic experiences beneficial for the human body and its healing and restoration.
As a classically trained pianist and clarinetist in Berlin, Germany, Tereza's unique and transformative approach merges West European classical music heritage with the spectrum of convalescent frequencies. Her studies in music and music therapy at the University of Arts in Berlin, merged with her unique ability to perceive the movement of energy in the moment, allows her to generate fine sonic structures perfectly matching the necessities of an individual or of a group of people participating in her sessions.
As a facilitator of classical, contemporary and healing concerts, sound journeys and immersive sound experiences, she has witnessed the power of Sound Healing, acting as a timeless technology for accelerated regeneration, transformation, and expansion into future desired states of being.

Sabrine Darbuka (Sabrine El Hossamy) is the leading female percussionist in Egypt and the Middle East. Her rhythms are influenced by different music genres including jazz, experimental, ethnic and world music. She was mentored by one of the best Darbuka players in the world, Misrli Ahmet from Turkey, after which she began a journey of playing and teaching world wide. Being of a multicultural background, with Spanish, Turkish and French influence, Sabrine brings a fresh interpretation to the Darbuka.
Sabrine has attended and performed in many jazz and percussion festivals including Cairo Jazz Festival, Bahrain Music Festival and Chicago World Music Festival. She also toured Turkey with Anadole Atache and Moustafa Erdwan, played with DJs in Paris as well as being invited to play at the Cairo opera house and percussion festivals. In touring the world with her music, her aim is to spread her rhythms not only through playing but also through teaching the Darbuka internationally.

Tamer El Sharaky is a multi dimensional personality that adds flare and funk to the equation. He is trained as an integrative health and happiness coach as well as a spiritual dance teacher and pranic healer. As a Happiness Coach, Tamer is a big believer in the role of using music and movement to deepen self awareness, encourage the body to release happiness hormones and positive feelings, his Passion to music, and dance pushed him to travel the world from Bali, India, Ibiza to America, where he managed to merge his knowledge together using spiritual dancing /movement mediation and set it as a corner stone healing method in his retreats and one-one coaching.
The special bonus for Rainforest of Sounds team is that before all this started, Tamer was a marketing guru in the corporate world, which gives him the skills to be our project manager, and our voice before the event even starts. He manages our panics, our self doubt and he lift us up as individuals and as a team.

Our intention is to share our diverse knowledge of how we work on ourselves and our communities. Why and how sound healing works. How to hold space for the sharing of any kind of knowledge with love and respect for: the humans present in the space, for the teachers responsible for the knowledge to reach us, the space itself, the material and educational tools, the instruments, and for Mother Nature.