Sound, Breath and DNA

Learn the science and technology of sound. Empower yourself with techniques you can easily integrate into your sharings, including the most powerful and accessible instrument, the human voice.
A theoretical and practical Sound Healing Training for anyone from seasoned practitioners, musicians, and facilitators to transformational enthusiasts.

Training with Fari Yeshe and Lamiaa Mahmoud

10.03.2023 to 15.03.2023

El Gouna, Red Sea

Daily classes from 9:00 to 12:00 & from 14:00 to 17:00

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Have you ever noticed that when you experience a dense emotion for a continuous amount of time, or on a regular basis, you start to feel weak or sick?
Or the opposite, you feel sick, but you decide to shift your mood. You start to take some actions and then, suddenly, you feel better and your symptoms disappear. Your body reacts and you wish you understood how this works.

The modern science of Epigenetics has proven that our DNA is responsive to our environment, thoughts and the amount of oxygen in our system. We can effectively shift our reality and positively impact our DNA using voice-based sound therapy, breath control techniques, and bodywork.
In addition, the human voice is the only musical instrument designed by nature herself. It can resonate at the core of each one of us, as it contains the blueprint of all our individual frequencies.

By combining voice, breath, and bodywork, subconscious mental and behavioural patterns can be dismantled, the cellular body alleviated, and the trauma stored released.
We intend to share diverse tools that allow you to create effective workshops and hold deep healing spaces without the need to invest in external instruments.
You can combine these tools to design your unique workshops and share them at festivals, group sessions, yoga studios, or as an independent practitioner.

Day 1
Sound Healing
Sound, breath and the nervous system.
Day 2
Epigenetics 101
DNA. How sound affects water and the cellular body. Genes Vs nervous system, which one creates our reality?
Day 3
Multi-dimensional biology, Mantra/DNA
Biology of the cells, subtle anatomy. Mantra as a universal language and cosmic code.
Day 4
Practitioner’s Toolkit. Bridging the Brain and Heart
Ethics of a healing arts practitioner. Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF), the heart, and the brain.
Day 5
Voice Activation
Learn and practice how to create voice-based workshops, different uses, intentions, and tools. Design your first workshop.
Day 6
Closing Ceremony
Lots of love & dance.

At the end of this training, you will be able to share the science behind the relationship between DNA, the mind, and emotions, and how to modify them by using the tools given in a gradual, coherent and structured way. You will come out with at least one workshop of your own, plus options to shuffle, to either create more, or tailor to diverse groups, time availabilities, and different intentions.

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Lamiaa Mahmoud


Lamiaa is a bodyworker. Since 2013, she embarked on a self healing journey which led her to study and learn many modalities like Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, EFT, Inner Dance, Sound Healing and Kundalini Body Works. This never ending search and harnessing of education and experience lead her to a creative sharing mission, where she combines different techniques to hold group space or one on one sessions with her community, in El Gouna and in Switzerland.
These holistic techniques assist the body in its self-healing process, by reducing stress, and anxiety, and improving overall health, immunity and mindset. The main ideology behind this modality is that movement, breath and sound currents are used together to allow you to connect with yourself, release the body and mind from old traumas and replace them with pleasure and joy.
Lamiaa insists on teaching you to be responsible for your improvement, by exposing you to tools that allow you to take control of your own health.

Fari is a professional sound healer, Sacred Geometry artist, retreat facilitator, and plant medicine space holder. In his sessions, he uses an array of methods, ranging from a self-developed oracle (of numerology, colour psychology, and geometry), voice toning, Tibetan, crystal and cosmic singing bowls, as well as native flutes to create a coherent space of harmonious resonance. In his loving creative space the participants can relax, release emotional and physical trauma to expedite the healing process.
After traveling the world studying, meditating and healing, he developed his abilities as a space holder and healer of sound and light. With professional training in Dharamsala (Buddhist Initiations), Hong Kong (Reiki attunement), Goa (active meditation + sound healing training) and Egypt (Temple mysteries and priest initiations), he concluded his Hero’s Journey by returning to the Andes mountains.
Currently rooted in the flow, he continues doing his practice, holding space, learning and healing in an ongoing process of self and community development.

El Camp, El Gouna

El Camp is located at a 5 to 10 minutes drive away from Downtown El Gouna, placing it at a perfect distance away from the happenings of daily Gouna life but still close enough to reach any extra needs. It offers a primitive Earthy feel of natural materials, the presence of the water element and the desert camping experience. We have wooden bungalows and tippys for sleeping accommodation, a built room in the middle of the lake shielded from the harsh winds and strong sun, a gorgeous fire area and all the basic necessities like bathrooms and showers. We also have a cozy picnic area and a well equipped kitchen where our chef Ozo will work his magic, right on location. All this makes El Camp, the perfect location for a natural and fun retreat, connecting us with ourselves and with the natural elements, while benefiting from being inside El Gouna.

Meet our Chef

Ozo (Mohamed El-Tiliawi) is an energetic culinary professional with a blend of creativity, driven by passion for food coupled with strong work ethics and standards, in and outside kitchen settings. “I was born a ‘people-person’ and an adventurer. I believe that is what drove my passion for food. As the quote says “Good food, good people, good times” and for me, cooking is the greatest gift I can offer people to make good times even more memorable. Nothing beats the outdoor experience, gathering around a campfire to bond over the meal. I love how food has that power to bring people together on common ground.”

    This Sound Healing Immersion is for you:
  • If you are a yoga teacher, or workshop facilitator and want to expand the spectrum of your healing tools by incorporating sound healing into your practice.
  • If you are curious about the functioning of DNA and the impact of sound, the voice and the breath in your evolutionary journey.
  • If you have a spiritual curiosity and want to have a science-backed body of knowledge that allows your analytical mind to understand what all this work is about.
  • If you want to learn to put together a workshop with the mentioned tools. This is where the puzzle pieces come together for all of us.
  • If you are just curious about any of the things you read in this training description and want to understand and deepen your knowledge wherever you are in your journey.
    Benefits of this Training:
  • You will receive a total of 30 hours of intensive training and practice.
  • You will learn techniques of sound healing, breath-work, and bodywork, as well as the corresponding scientific knowledge.
  • You will learn about what is expected from a compassionate and serious practitioner, and tools for self-development.
  • You will empower yourself with new techniques to add to your personal practice and group work.
  • You will unlock and expand the most powerful and accessible instrument: the human voice.
  • You will create and facilitate your first original workshop.
  • You will attend and receive DAILY meditations, sound baths, and mindful movement from professional, experienced, multi-talented artists and healers.
  • You will spend time learning, sharing and bonding with like-minded people.
  • You will expand your self-healing tool kit to be able to cater to your mind, body, and soul’s needs in all kinds of daily situations.

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All Inclusive Price: € 800

Includes accommodation from the 9th the 15th of March, with 3 meals a day and all classes.

Without accommodation: € 650

Includes accommodation from the 9th the 15th of March, with 3 meals a day and all classes.

* All prices exclude transportation to and from El Gouna

** Egyptians and Egyptian Residents can make the payment in Egyptian Pounds at Bank Rate.

*** Registration only applies with a 50% down payment

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